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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two days ago I met with an old friend for dinner.
He used to be a bit chubbi, wearing XML size shirts, but it's not right for a guy named JSON, so he went on a diet, and started training in martial arts at the nearby DOJO. Now he is really lightweight.
We set down at our table ready to order
Waiter: Allow me to recommend our special dish for tonight, LAMP ribs, it comes with everything and will satisfy you for sure.
Me: you know what, I'll actually go for the HTML5 boilerplate, looks to me as a simple dish, I don't like complication in food I am not familiar with.
Waiter: what would you like to drink ?
Me: I will drink CSS Sprites.
Everything was great except the Silverlight were a bit heavy, I would prefer a minification version of them :)
At the end I was like WOFF... I am so full, it makes no adsense - I ate so little...
On our way out I noticed the nice decorations, canvas for HTML5 covered with CLOUD images.

Two posts ago I noted the key reasons I see in being a PM. One of them was technical consultant.

A PM must be technical even if not all the way down to the bits and bytes but he must have the drive to discover and understand how stuff works, how things can be done - implemented.

I agree some of the technologies are to be decided by the engineers but it comes to raise the question - will you know what they are talking about if it comes up ? if a technology issue will hold your product back - can you find your way through ?

Keep up to date with the latest innovations and new technologies by following blogs, visiting conventions, webinars, talk to your colleagues.

Many technology professionals don't like to dive into a new version before the 2nd release comes out - I on the other hand am not afraid to dive into a new technology adventure, as long as it's done wisely with a good understanding of what is at risk and obviousness after you have tested it in you development and QA environments.

Bottom line - if you want your engineers to respect you and to raise a great product with the right technology and easiest implementation, you must be at the technology frontier since technology is your tool.



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