The first post - Introduction

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello dear readers, my name is Ted and this blog is going to follow me along the hard way of becoming a Product Manager.
"Is this guy for real? ..." - yes I am. It's said that "Nothing stands in the way of your will" and I got will - to become a PM.
I address this blog to all the professionals out there who look up to become product managers one day but still get stuck in the initial phase - getting your first job as a PM.

As this is my first post I would like to join many others professionals who want to advance to PM and share my experience.
--B.Sc. in Computer Science 
--8 years of working experience in hi-tech industry
--DBA Oracle
--Application Securityt team leader
--DBA Oracle and Sql Server team leader

For the next post I am asking you to thing and try to figure out - why?
Why do I want to be a Product Manager ?